Pickles the Porcupine 8" Plushie

  • Pickles the Porcupine 8" Plushie

8" adorable "Pickles" character plush

Pickles the Porcupine is a loveable little character in Journey to the Bright Side.
Porcupine is approximately 8 inches tall and is featured with his backpack from his storybook journey. Backpack opens up and can be filled with treasures and trinkets of your child's choosing.

** A note about shipping
Unfortunately, shipping is just really high for a stuffed animal and a book. The weight of the book, plus the shape of the plushie means a higher cost of shipping. As a self published author, we try to offer the lowest possible price to keep up with the competition. To discount shipping too, would leave us at a loss.
If you are local to southern New Hampshire (or know me personally) and can arrange for pickup, please use discount "LOCAL" to ease the cost of shipping.
Fortunately, ordering additional plushies will not increase the cost of shipping by much...so order away!